Trend: ceramic tableware in the spotlight

Ceramic is back on the table, hosting every dish on your menu. Bowls, plates or cups can be a perfect addition to your festive moments. Ceramic tableware, once neglected, is making a comeback with more style and elegance. However, it is once again becoming the piece of honour on the table and in the home.

Why is ceramics back on trend in tableware?

In recent years, craftsmanship has become more and more in demand. Everyone is turning to natural, handmade products that are particularly creative. Ceramic tableware is also impressively durable during use. Due to its different characteristics, private individuals have started to use these design utensils. As a result of the creation of various patterns, ceramics proudly bear any kind of print. Humour, messages, design, colour and above all art can be found on the patterns. You can add your own personal touches, while preserving the classic characteristics. For example, utensils made of modelled clay can bring modernity and elegance to your dining table.

What is so special about ceramics?

The production of clay utensils requires expertise and good handling. Being made of clay, it is renowned for its resistance to time, fire and water. In prehistoric times, ceramic tableware was the greatest invention that could withstand firing. Nowadays, pattern makers add more features and ornamentation to allow the material to remain trendy. It can easily take on a variety of clean shapes depending on the desired design. It also does not take too much time to make a pattern, which makes it easy to produce personalised items with impressive speed. As art and sculpture products, there is nothing better than handmade and local products.

Join the trend for indoor utensils

You too can make room for clay utensils again. In addition to durable ceramic tableware, you also gain a place among households with style and elegance. Bring more sophisticated touches to your dinner party or lunch with family and friends. Don't forget to bring out your best tableware to envy them. To learn more about ceramics and the different results of fired clay, you can shop at 100% ceramics shops. You will find a wide range of choices of products made of stoneware, earthenware and porcelain.
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