How can you decorate your home while making it healthier?

Every element is important to form a pleasant decoration. Indoor air is full of invisible toxic substances that can harm the body. There are different ways to scent the interior. Simple and natural gestures create a specific universe! Find practical tips on how to make your home a healthy and safe place to live.

Scent your home

Today, in line with the same trends, home fragrance is as important as fashion perfume. The diffuser is therefore no longer just functional, but takes care of its design and fragrance style. Perfumes are more and more studied and specialised. Decorate your home in a functional and comfortable way, by spraying a delicate perfume that seduces. Lamp fragrance refills are especially suitable for this purpose. The smell of a diffuser, which is stronger and even more resistant, lasts a long time without ever evaporating! Another way to purify the air and get rid of all germs is to use essential oils: they are all good! Among them, we find mainly ravintsara or eucalyptus.

Mixing and cleaning plants

Feel free from contamination, nothing like a traditional potpourri. Easy to make and inexpensive, just mix rose petals, lavender flowers, citrus peels or other cinnamon sticks and you're done! They are sought after for their aesthetic properties and are now widely recognised for their ability to absorb harmful compounds. So don't hesitate to choose decontaminating plants! Ferns, banyan trees, cactus and lavender can help you achieve a healthy indoor climate. Increase the natural power of disinfecting plants with a natural air purifier and an essential oil diffuser. Thanks to the ventilation system, it sucks in the air and sends it back into the room clean!

Hydroponics for walls

With a bare wall exposed to the sun, you can also create a beautiful plant wall. In frames designed to hold a support, you will place plants that need little water and will adapt to the special conditions of living without soil. This structure easily acts as an air purifier. Leave a comfortable space between the top of the wall and the ceiling to allow the plants to grow well. The weight of the plant wall is quite high, necessary to ensure good stability. Also consider making an anchor at the base or placing the hook on the ceiling or wall.
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