5 solutions to perfume your home in style

No matter how clean you keep your home, there are tons of odors that naturally develop, especially when you factor in the inevitable pet messes, overflowing bin, and smelly shoe collection. There are tons of ways to freshen up the overall aroma of your home on a daily basis.

Candles or sprays

Candles have the greatest olfactory 'reach', which means they are powerful and can fill a room. How can you tell? If the candle has a strong smell when it is not lit, this is a good sign. It takes trial and error, but some brands never disappoint. Votives (i.e. miniature versions) are a great way to get around the high price. Candles are great, but they are not the only way to scent your space. Plus, they're not for everyone. If you have small children or pets running around, they are a legitimate safety concern. You can supplement with linen sprays. They're great for lightly spraying your couch after a Netflix and Indian food marathon. Click here to place your order.

Essential oils for diffusion or potpourri

Essential oils are a great way to scent your home without being overpowering. They are easily customizable and you can create a unique custom blend for your home or adapt it to suit your mood. A fun trick is to put a few drops on your air filter when you replace it. Your home's air conditioning system will diffuse the fragrance throughout your home! These products are available wherever bath and body products are sold. Stovetop potpourri is not just for the holidays, it's a great way to freshen the air in your home any time of year! Simmer water in a small pot and add citrus slices and herbs, such as lavender, rosemary and mint, for a summery scent. You can also go for a warmer flavour with apple slices, orange peel, cinnamon and cloves. Set a timer to check the simmering potpourri every 30 minutes to see if you need to add water or turn it off, or use a slow cooker for a hassle-free option!

Open the windows

This tip is the easiest of all and it's totally free! Opening the windows is the easiest way to bring freshness indoors and quickly remove any leftover cooking or fumes from renovation projects. The whole space looks cleaner and the mood of your home is improved.
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