How to eliminate cold tobacco odours?

They say, where there's smoke, there's fire, but that old saying only tells part of the story. The rest of the smelly truth is about the putrid smell that smoke leaves behind; it's like an unwelcome guest that won't go away. Despite the glamour of the swirling smoke rings so often seen in old movies, smoking is not only messy, but also smelly. This article reveals the industry's secret to effectively defeating this odorous demon in any indoor space, large or small.

How do you remove cigarette smoke odours from a room or car?

Unlike smoke from a fire, cigarette smoke can be treated with less effort if effective odour neutralisers are used in combination with cleaning solutions and good old fashioned fresh air. If the odour is in a room or car, it is recommended that all upholstery and leather be cleaned, carpets shampooed and a thorough cleaning carried out. Note that for full effectiveness, a smoke odour neutraliser should be added to the cleaning solutions and then reed diffuser fragrance refills should be applied to all fabric and carpeted surfaces at Maison Berger. Finally, a thermal fog should be applied. In the case of a car, leave the windows closed for several hours. Of course, open the windows and let your car air out for an hour or so before driving away!

Removing smoke odours from clothing

The best way to remove smoke odours from clothes is to place them in a plastic bag sprinkled with baking soda before washing them in the normal cycle with strong detergents and the appropriate smoke odour additive. If the smell persists, repeat the cycle and add vinegar. If the smoke smell persists, use a fabric freshener, either a scented or unscented formula, to mask the odour. There are laundry formulas or sprays that bind to odour molecules. If spraying, spray the garment outside and let it continue to air. Alternatively, you can hire a professional dry cleaner who is familiar with removing smoke odours.

Removing smoke odours from furniture

Smoke odours embedded in furniture are a little more difficult to remove, as there are more components capable of retaining smoke odours, especially wooden foundations. Choose the appropriate deodorising products for this application. A full thermal fog should be applied first before cleaning, followed by a water-based smoke odour neutraliser (always test the fabric in an inconspicuous area to avoid staining). You may need to apply a new coat of varnish, which will give the wood a new look.
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