How does a catalytic lamp work?

Used for more than a century to eliminate bad smells and microbes in hospitals, the catalytic lamp is now dedicated to interior decoration, in particular to purify and clean the air. How does it work?

What is a catalysis lamp used for?

The catalytic lamp, commonly known as the Berger lamp, is used as a decorative object in its own right to give a touch of elegance to a room. But it is not only used for decorative purposes, its main function is to purify and perfume the atmosphere. Unlike other systems that only mask bad smells, it destroys the molecules responsible for these odours and provides a fine, even and long-lasting fragrance inside the room. A catalytic lamp does not require any connection or delicate handling. Simply switch it on and enjoy the fragrance. Many fragrances are available on for all tastes (vanilla, rose, coconut, grapefruit, fig, tea, jasmine, lavender, bergamot, etc.). What's more, you can vary the fragrances to suit your taste each time you recharge your catalytic lamp.

How does a catalytic lamp work?

As the name suggests, a catalytic lamp works by catalysis. This term refers to a chemical process that aims to slow down or speed up a chemical reaction through the use of a substance called a "catalyst". The catalytic system of a Berger lamp consists of a porous catalyst support which is often ceramic, a catalyst (the burner), a fragrance to fuel the combustion and a lamp. The catalyst used by catalysis lamps is a metal. It works by lowering the activation energy of the lamp allowing it to work at much lower temperatures. Thanks to the action of the catalyst, the Berger lamp burns without flame. The catalyst is located on the periphery of the burner. It is the catalyst support equipped with this catalyst that destroys bad smells and cleans the air.

How to use a catalytic lamp?

To use a catalysis lamp, you must
  • Place the lamp on a stable surface and away from any heat source.
  • Fill the lamp halfway (never fill it completely so as not to flood the wick).
  • Insert the wick of the burner into the wick.
  • Light the burner, leave the flame for 2 minutes, blow out and the lamp works.
  • 20 minutes of use of the lamp is enough to sanitise a room of 20 m³, i.e. one minute of use per m3.
To turn off the lamp, remove the mount and place the snuffer on the burner.
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