What’s new in Aromatherapy?

The world is currently entering a completely digital phase. An era in which science is king, and it is clear that more and more improvements, especially in modern medicine, are the result. Although the treatments that have been discovered are extremely effective, it should be pointed out that the side effects are mostly extremely disturbing. This is why alternative medicine is usually used to alleviate the problems caused by these side effects. Clearly, alternative medicine, such as aromatherapy, only complements conventional treatment to alleviate the side effects.

The origin and evolution of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is part of alternative medicine, i.e. although its virtues are recognised as therapeutic, it is not recognised by the medical profession as a branch of medicine. Aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. It is much closer to naturopathy and was initially classified as a branch of the latter. It was only later that it was separated from this branch. Moreover, at its origin, it was difficult to distinguish it from phytotherapy because of the use of plants which they both have. La Maison Berger Paris could help you to find out more on this subject.

The use of aromatherapy today

It is well known that aromatherapy is used in the context of alternative medicine and therefore for its therapeutic virtues. More precisely, it is more for comfort that most people make use of this self-medication. It is useful insofar as it soothes the small pains of everyday life while not causing any side effects. In addition, the properties of essential oils are numerous and very varied. To find out more about the virtues of one of them, you only need to know from which plant it was taken.

Controversy over the use of aromatherapy today

Alternative medicine has always been controversial, as it is somewhat risky without the recognition of the medical profession. Furthermore, self-medication is strongly discouraged, yet aromatherapy pushes its users in this direction. The greatest danger lies in the persistence of pain and the person's willingness to continue self-medicating through aromatherapy. However, the problem may be more serious than it seems.
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