Focus on the lounge chair trend

The armchair is both a useful and decorative piece of furniture. Having a coffee, reading a book, watching a film, ... your armchair will always be useful to allow you to settle down comfortably. There is a whole range of armchairs, the lounge armchair is very trendy. If you are planning to install this type of armchair in your home, it is important to find out about it so that you can choose the model that is best suited to your needs and your decor.

The lounge chair: description

The first lounge chair was created in 1956. It was created by the American designer Herman Miller. This armchair differs from other armchairs because of its many comfort features. It has a backward sloping seat and backrest, soft cushions and a footrest. Apart from its relaxing functions with a semi-reclining position, a chair depth of about 70 cm and a wraparound design, the lounge chair blends in with any decorative style. It is a decorative highlight. It adds style to your interior.

Reasons to choose a lounge chair

The lounge chair appeals to many people for many reasons. It is a comfortable, stylish and trendy armchair, a real must-have for any interior. You can sit in it with a comfortable backrest and a soft footrest. To make it even cosier, you can add a cocooning cushion and a soft plaid. The armchair is suitable for everyone, young and old, whatever their morphology. This type of armchair guarantees moments of relaxation at the top.

The lounge chair adapts to all styles

A lounge chair can be installed anywhere: in your bedroom, in your baby's room, in the living room or in the office. Available in different types, it can have a wooden, plastic, metal or leather shell... Whatever the decorative style of your home, retro, classic, Scandinavian, vintage, contemporary... there is a lounge chair that is well adapted. For example, an armchair upholstered in black leather with a metal frame fits an industrial style, a rattan or wooden armchair with patterned cushions fits a bohemian style, an armchair upholstered in brightly coloured fabric or beige or white leather fits a contemporary decor, etc.
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