Designing an under staircase: instructions for use

The space under the stairs is sometimes complicated to arrange. It is narrow and difficult to access. However, it is possible to optimise the few square metres. You can install a bookcase, put in storage space, etc. All it takes is one small thing to turn this rather wasted space into a totally practical and functional corner. But what criteria should you take into account? What are the ideas for furnishing your under stairs? And what other design options are there?

Criteria to consider when designing

The underside of the stairs is often left unused. However, this space can offer a number of design possibilities. It allows you to optimise every square metre of your home. However, there are some essential criteria to be taken into account when designing under the stairs. In fact, a staircase without risers is more airy and also allows for fairly fluid communication between floors. It is therefore necessary to take this criterion into account. In order to keep the style light, avoid installing furniture that is too massive. In the case of a staircase with risers, it is possible to install storage space, a bookcase, a toilet, etc. In general, the whole room should be arranged, including the underside of the stairs. You should also think about the light, as good lighting will enhance the area.

Ideas for arranging your under stairs

There are many possibilities for designing under the stairs at the moment. First of all, you can turn it into an office area. Depending on the space you have available, it is possible to install your desk directly there. Secondly, creating storage in this area is advantageous if there is hardly any storage in your home. You can create it with standard furniture. Then, this area can also be used as a dressing room. Just use the space and create different levels of storage. And finally, you can also install the toilet here or set up a cocooning area.

Other possibilities for designing under the stairs

The design under the stairs depends on the room or the staircase. You can create a beautiful scene in this area by placing a small console, a lamp or a bouquet to bring it to life. However, in your living room, you can put a piece of art with good lighting. You can make the space under the stairs an integral part of the living room design. It can accommodate low furniture despite its slope. It also allows you to put your decorative objects.
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